ビッグバンセオリー シーズン1エピソード4の解説(その3)

Leonard: Fish nightlights.

Sheldon: It’s a billion dollar idea. Shhhhh!

Leonard: Mum’s the word. Sheldon, are you sure you don’t want to just apologise to Gablehauser and get your job back.

蛍光魚?について話すシェルドン。レナードのMum's the wordは「内緒だよ」という意味で、ここのmumはママ(momとも書きます)ではなくsilentと同じ意味です。


Leonard: Really, when was the last time you left the house.

Sheldon: I went to the market with Penny.

Leonard: That was three weeks ago.

Sheldon: Well then buckle up, in the next four to eight days she’s going to get very crabby.

シェルドンを心配してシェルドンの母親を呼んだレナード。シェルドンのbuckle upはシートベルトを締めるという意味ですが、ここでは「気を付けろよ」という意味になります。crabbyは、crabにカニの他に気難しい人という意味があり、そこから「気難しい、ご機嫌ななめ」という意味になります。「4日後から8日後までペニーは機嫌が悪いぞ」というのは、これより前にあった話からペニーの生理が近いということですね。


Leonard: Sheldon? Your mum made dinner.

Sheldon (off): I’m not hungry.

Mrs Cooper: Oh, Leonard, don’t trouble yourself, he’s stubborn. He may stay in there ‘til the Rapture.

Penny: Are we so sure that’s a bad thing?

Mrs Cooper: I’ll tell ya, I love the boy to death, but he has been difficult since he fell out of me at the K-Mart.



since he fell out of me at the K-MartのK-Martはアメリカの大手ディスカウントストアで、「Kマートで私から落ちて以来」となります。抱っこされていた時に落ちたとかそのような感じでしょうか。


Howard: Excuse me for being so bold, but I now see where Sheldon gets his smouldering good looks.

Mrs Cooper: Oh, honey that ain’t going to work, but you keep trying. (To Raj) I made chicken, I hope that isn’t one of the animals that you people think is magic? You know, we have an Indian gentleman at our church, a Dr Patel, it’s a beautiful story, the lord spoke to him, and moved him to give us all 20% off on lasic, you know, those that needed it.

ハワードのセリフでsmoulderingは通常smolderと表記され、「くすぶる、燻る」という意味になります。smokeと関連する語です。smouldering good looksでのsmoulderingはここでは見る人が火にあぶられるような、ということで「セクシーな」という意味です。お母さんと似ているからシェルドンは男前なんですね、とおべっかを言っているわけです。それに対してシェルドンの母親はthat ain't going to work、「何も効果はないわよ」と返しています。



Mrs Cooper: Oh, all the time, I remember one summer when he was thirteen, he built a small nuclear reactor in the shed and told everybody he was going to provide free electricity for the whole town, well the only problem was he had no, whatchacall, fissionable materials. Anyway, when he went on the internets to get some, a man from the government came by and sat him down real gentle and told him it’s against the law to have yellow cake uranium in a shed.


whatchacallはwhat you callを縮めた発音の通り書いたもの。


Penny: What happened?

Mrs Cooper: Well, the poor boy had a fit, locked himself in his room and built a sonic death ray.

had a fitは口語で「腹を立てた」の意味になります。