ビッグバンセオリー シーズン1エピソード4の解説(その2)

Sheldon: I finally have the time to test my hypothesis, about the separation of the water molecules from the egg proteins, and its impact vis-a-vis taste.

vis-a-visはface to faceのフランス語であり、副詞で「向かい合って」、前置詞で「~と向かい合って、~に関して」の意味です。ここでは「~に関して」となります。


Penny (popping her head round): Hi, hey. I’m running out to the market, do you guys need anything?

Sheldon: Oh, well this would be one of those circumstances that people unfamiliar with the law of large numbers would call a coincidence. 

シェルドンが卵を必要としていた時にちょうどスーパーマーケットへ行くと声をかけるペニー。シェルドンの言うlaw of large numbersは確率論で大数の法則と呼ばれるもので、事象の回数を増やすとその確率は数学に基づく理論的確率に近づくというものです。例えば、コインを投げる回数を増やせば増やすほど、表(又は裏)の出る確率は理論的確率である2分の1に近づきます。



Sheldon: I’m taking a sabbatical, because I won’t kow-tow to mediocre minds.

Penny: So you got canned, huh?

Sheldon: Theoretical physicists do not get canned. But yeah.



ペニーの台詞中、get cannedは「首になる」と言う口語です。


Sheldon: Fine. We’re travelling forward at, good Lord, 51 miles an hour. Now let’s assume that your brakes are new and the callipers are aligned, still, by the time we come to a stop, we’ll be occupying the same space as that Buick in front of us, an impossibility that nature will quickly resolve into death, mutilation and… oh look, they built a new put-put course. 


an impossibility that nature will quickly resolve into death, mutilation and...の部分について。mutilationは「(手足などの)切断」の意味で、キャトルミューティレーション(アメリカで牛が切断され血を抜かれていたとして騒がれ、宇宙人の仕業などと言われました)という言葉をご存知の方もいると思います。


put-put courseは「パターゴルフのコース」のことです。put-put golfで「パターゴルフ」です。


Penny: Uh, no, no not really. Listen, didn’t you say you needed some eggs.

Sheldon: Uh, yes, but anyone who knows anything about the dynamics of bacterial growth knows to pick up their refrigerated foods on the way out of the supermarket.

Penny: Oh, okay, well maybe you should start heading on out then.




Penny: What now?

Sheldon: Well, there’s some value to taking a multivitamin, but the human body can only absorb so much, what you’re buying here are the ingredients for very expensive urine.

Penny: Well, maybe that’s what I was going for.

Sheldon: Well then you’ll want some manganese.